Cash&Miles | If you don't have enough miles for your dream trip, we have the solution for you.


One More Way to Accomplish Your Dream Trip


Have you been dreaming for a long time about a trip you didn't make because you didn't have enough miles?
You have miles on your card and would like to use them, but haven't decided how you can use them yet?

We have the solution for you: Cash&Miles.


Cash&Miles allows all SATA IMAGINE members to use their miles for the full or partial purchase of an airline ticket (except airport taxes), at any fare and in any booking class, by paying the remainder by credit card or PayPal

To take advantage of this payment option simply book an Azores Airlines or SATA Air Açores flight online and choose the number of miles you wish to use on this trip.

Using Cash&Miles also has the advantage of counting all travel miles on your SATA IMAGINE card, as is the case with travel purchased without miles.

This is exclusively for online sales and is available to all SATA IMAGINE frequent flyer program members on flights operated by Azores Airlines or SATA Air Açores.

With Cash&Miles you can use your miles in a much more versatile, flexible and personalized way, allowing you to enjoy all the miles you have on your card, with no minimum mileage limit.

This payment option was born from the desire to make SATA Azores Airlines services even simpler and more flexible, always adapting them to the needs and expectations of our passengers.

Cash&Miles is one of the many benefits that SATA Azores Airlines frequent flyer program brings to its members alongside campaigns, promotions and many other pluses.

Find out the advantages of being a SATA IMAGINE member here.


Now you have no reason to postpone your dream trip.

Happy travels!