Adventure, water sports and adrenaline


If you love living great adventures,

then then it’s time to plan a visit to this Atlantic paradise.

When you imagine a vacation on an island, all kinds of exciting adrenaline-fueled adventures pop into your head? Live them intensely in the Azores!

View from Faial to Pico, Azores


Aqua sports in Azores (Surf, diving...)

Aqua sports

Mostly any kind of activity related to water is possible in these islands: swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat, surfing the most incredible waves, fishing, water skiing, windsurfing, going on sensational boat trips and living so many other aquatic adventures.

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Would you like to enjoy the best view of the breathtaking landscapes of the Azores and add some adrenaline? Paraglide at any time of the year and take-off or land in unique spots.

In August, the Paragliding Festival of the Azores takes place on the island of São Miguel, where many national and international pilots have flown over magical places for 20 editions.

Paragliding in Azores


Canyoning in Azores


Remote locations, streams, waterfalls, rocky green slopes. Do you have any idea of what we're talking about? That’s it! The Azores and Canyoning, this exciting and high adrenaline sport, are the perfect combination.

The islands of São Miguel, Flores and São Jorge, especially, offer unique itineraries that you won’t want to miss.

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