SATA Group provides the Braille system and invests in training in sign language

The airline Azores Airlines started to make safety cards available aboard its aircraft in the Braille System and invested in training in Portuguese sign language. These initiatives are part of the SATA Inclusive Program, which aims to provide the best travel experience to all passengers, ensuring their comfort and safety. 

The Braille safety cards display the procedures passengers must adopt in case of emergency and will be provided by the cabin crew to blind and visually impaired passengers. They will be available from today on Azores Airlines flights and soon, on SATA Air Açores flights, which is another step to joining others already incorporated into the services provided by the SATA Group airlines. Sign language training will be gradually introduced in the training plans and is mainly aimed at staff assigned to areas that contact most with passengers, particularly those requesting special assistance services. 

The SATA Group airlines have implemented measures to ensure the mobility of passengers with specific needs, ensuring compliance with the principles of accessibility and mobility provided for in the laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.

Thus, to ensure the comfort, well-being, and safety of passengers with disabilities, the airlines already have measures in place such as the free transport of mobility aids and assistance dogs, assistance by trained staff at airports and onboard aircraft, accommodation in appropriate seats, and the provision of an adapted website and mobile application.