Regional aviation gathers in the Azores to examine its Sustainable future

January 17, the SATA Group and ERA (European Regions Airline Association) are hosting in Ponta Delgada the 2024 Sustainable Regional Aviation Forum, in which around a hundred participants, including industry experts, stakeholders and political decision-makers for the theme of sustainability and aviation, will attend. 

The meeting in the Azores aims to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the sustainable development of regional aviation, with a special focus on the outermost regions, as well as present the best practices and advances in the sector.

The CEO of the SATA Group, Teresa Gonçalves, believes that "it's through open dialogue, knowledge sharing, and a shared commitment that we can turn obstacles into opportunities and pave the way for a more sustainable future. This event represents a unique opportunity and strengthens the path we've been following at our group of companies".

“The aim of the Sustainable Regional Aviation Forum is to advance the comprehensive sustainability initiatives of regional aviation, specifically targeting carbon neutral aviation. With a particular focus on outer most regions such as the Azores, the forum aims to address the integral economic and social value of aviation to the European regions,” explains ERA’s Director General, Montserrat Barriga.

The Sustainable Regional Aviation Forum 2024 is organized around three discussion panels dedicated to sustainability and commercial aviation challenges.

The first panel discussion will focus on the topic of "Social Sustainability – ensuring citizens’ freedom of movement" and will be moderated by Margarida Couto, President of the Grace companies, a business association of which the SATA Group is part and one of the founding members, namely of the Grace Açores Cluster.

The second panel, under the theme of "Economic sustainability - delivering cost-effective mobility", will be moderated by Rodrigo Tavares, Professor at the Nova School of Business and Economics named Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum in 2017.

The third panel dedicated to "Challenges and opportunities for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs)” will be moderated by Ulrike Ziegler, president of IMPACT on Sustainable Aviation. All participants are focused on environmental issues and the obstacles facing the industry.

The SATA Group has been actively involved in several projects related to the Environment, Social Development and Governance, while working with international entities and associations linked to aviation, such as ERA.