New Azores Airlines' A320neo is now in service of the airline

The second A320neo unit carried out its first commercial flights this weekend, joining the fleet of Azores Airlines. The integration of this second aircraft continues the process of gradual renewal of the airline's fleet, replacing the A320ceo models with the most modern version of this equipment.

Regarding the integration of this second A320neo aircraft into the airline's fleet, Teresa Gonçalves, CEO of the SATA Group, highlights the relevance that this moment has in the history of an airline. “This is a moment we are experiencing with special enthusiasm, as it represents the accomplishment of a significant step in the consolidation of the airline's sustainability strategy. At the same time, it brings substantial improvements to the operation, providing a more comfortable environment on board and, consequently, more comfortable flights for our passengers”.

Like the first A320neo unit, which has been in service since last January, this second aircraft also adopted a 168-seat configuration. The latest generation engines (High-Bypass) and aerodynamic technology (Airbus Sharklet™ wings) of Azores Airlines' new A320neo allow a reduction in fuel consumption of around 20%, a reduction in gas and noise emissions, lower operating costs, and higher cargo capacity, when compared to previous generation aircraft.

Inside the cabin, the airline standardizes the environment, maintaining the blue tones characteristic of the SATA Azores Airlines brand. The cabin was customized in terms of seats and details, as well as the bulkheads that separate the different areas. To make the environment more welcoming, a lighting scheme was carefully studied, wavering between blue and green and matching the sounds of nature inspired by Azorean nature, with the aim of recreating the serene atmosphere of the Azores Archipelago, the main destination of SATA Group’s airlines.