Azores Airlines strengthens its offer for Terceira Island

  • Daily operation between Terceira Island and Lisbon 
  • Connection twice a week between Terceira Island and Porto ( Thursdays and Sundays).
  • Weekly operation for Boston during the winter season

The airline Azores Airlines has announced the strengthening of its offer to Terceira Island with daily flights to Lisbon, starting on October 29. The airline currently operates twice-a-week flights between Terceira Island and Porto, and in the winter months, it operates once-a-week flights between Terceira Island and the city of Boston.

The daily operation between Lisbon and Terceira Island will depart from Lisbon at 16:15 (local time) and arrive at Terceira Island (Lajes) at 17:55 (local time). Regarding the Terceira/Lisbon flight, departures are scheduled for 18:55 (local time), arriving in Lisbon by 22:15 (local time). This connection strengthening to Mainland Portugal represents an increase of two weekly flights compared to 2022.

In addition to this daily frequency of Azores Airlines, the operation already taking place between Terceira Island and Porto is carried out twice a week, namely on Thursdays and Sundays, departing from Porto at 12:40 (local) and arriving at Terceira Island at 14:20 (local); departing from Terceira Island at 15:10 (local) and arriving at Porto at 18:35 (local). 

Adding to the air operation between Terceira/Porto and Terceira/Lisbon, the airline will continue to operate between Terceira Island (Lajes Airport) and the city of Boston (Logan Airport, Boston, USA), with a weekly frequency every Monday, departing from Boston at 21:15 (local time) and arriving at Terceira Island at 06:10 on Tuesday. In reverse, the departure from Terceira Island is at 5:55 p.m., and the arrival in Boston is at 8:05 p.m. (local time).