SATA Azores Airlines chosen by tour operators to ensure 244 flights during summer

During the coming months, more precisely from May to October, SATA Azores Airlines will ensure along with Portuguese tour operators business partners, four weekly series of charter flights from Lisbon and Porto to Porto Santo Island ( Madeira Archipelago) and Cape Verde Archipelago, as well as a series of flights between Lisbon (Portugal) and the island of Crete.

This non-regular commercial operation is an important complement to the regular activity of the airline, considering the activity decreasing due to the pandemic situation.

The aviation environment has been undeniable difficult for airline companies but, still, some opportunities have arisen, carrying out special air operations. 2020 was, indeed, a turning year concerning SATA Azores Airlines charter operations.

SATA Azores Airlines performed 231 flights for reasons of force majeure (repatriation flights and humanitarian flights), but also special Corporate flights, assuring air transportation during the emergency phase of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Thanks to the joint effort undertaken with tour operators, the commercial achievements of the challenging year of 2020 have endured and outcome on a better perspective for the summer of 2021.