Visit Corvo Island

Caldeirão do Corvo


The smallest island in the Azores is a hidden gem, located at the westernmost end of the archipelago, and is classified by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve.

But its extraordinary natural beauty doesn’t overcome the authenticity and hospitality of its almost four hundred inhabitants, who make visitors always feel welcome.

Few of these visitors will be able to guess that many years before, these inhabitants were plagued by Atlantic pirates, tormented by the consequences of bad weather conditions, and sentenced to isolation. Its strength and resilience is therefore reflected in the legends that the people of Corvo make sure to keep alive in their memory.

Nowadays, you can easily get there aboard SATA Air Açores. And you might think that Corvo Island is easily visited in a few hours, given its area! However, it will be worth spending the night in this place full of pleasant surprises.


Start by visiting Caldeirão do Corvo

The extinct volcano on the north side of the island gave way to Caldeirão do Corvo, the biggest attraction on the island. You will certainly be surprised by its enormous area, which occupies more than half of the island, but above all by its beauty. You can choose to contemplate it from Miradouro do Monte Gordo or walk through the trail, going down from the viewpoint to the interior of the caldeirão to explore about 5 km of pure nature.


Visit Vila do Corvo

It will be a real trip back in time to wander through the narrow streets of the village, passing by the Church of Nossa Senhora dos Milagres and continuing on to the natural pools and the beach.


Enjoy the bathing areas

The only sandy beach on the island is located in the south. Its clear and transparent waters will amaze you. At the southeastern end is Porto da Casa which becomes a very pleasant bathing area, also in the summer.


Contemplate the beauty of the coast at Miradouro do Portão

This viewpoint is located at the highest point of Corvo Island, so you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the island, the sea and Flores Island, on clear days.


Visit Corvo Wild Birds Interpretation Center

The Azores are the best European spot for observing American migratory birds, with special emphasis on Corvo Island. 

Corvo Wild Birds Interpretation Center is the first stop for bird lovers and anyone who wishes to discover the Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve of Corvo Island. During the visit to its exhibition space, it is possible to explore the theme of wild birds and the practice of birdwatching, a tourist activity that places Corvo Island as a place of great importance in the context of international Birdwatching.


Admire the windmills

The three windmills, once used to grind the flour that was used to make the bread that fed the locals, are located on Caminho dos Moinhos, in Vila do Corvo. These mills, of Mediterranean influence, are more like those that can be found in mainland Portugal, and have a conical trunk, with a mechanism that rotates the wooden dome so that the sail follows the direction of the wind. 

On your trip to the Azores, discover more than one island. They all have different features and offer completely different experiences. There are islands with more beautiful nature, others with a valuable historical heritage, others with amazing beaches, and others that make us feel like we've reached paradise. Corvo Island is, in fact, a must-visit.


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