Scuba Diving in the Azores

Scuba Diving in the Azores


If you are a scuba diving lover, you cannot miss the unique experience the sea of the Azores can offer.

Scuba diving in the Azores means being among a large number of marine species, largely due to the mix of the subtropical climate with the waters of the Gulf Stream. It also means that, although this practice is more advisable between June and November, you can enjoy good visibility at any time of the year and very inviting water temperatures.

The island of Santa Maria, in the Eastern Group of the Azores Archipelago, has been especially considered one of the best diving spots in Europe, due to its privileged location near the Dollarat bank and the Formigas nature reserve. The highlight, which has become one of the most popular activities on this island, is the possibility of diving with manta rays, the largest species of rays and one of the largest fish in the world.

If you don't have any scuba diving experience, the several specialized companies offer instructors, boat trips for the purpose and provide all necessary equipment.

For the less adventurous, snorkeling in the waters of this archipelago is a great alternative and allows you to see marine species and spectacular sea bottoms.


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