The sweets of the Azores

The sweets of the Azores - Queijadas da Vila


During your trip to the Azores, don't waver in finishing your meals with a regional dessert, and sweetening your breakfast or snack with one of the delicacies we suggest. You won't regret it.



Indulge in typical Azorean queijadas. Just the right size for those who want to sweeten the palate and avoid hearty desserts, queijadas are one of the most appreciated sweets by those who visit the Azores and there is enough variety to taste a different one on each day of your stay.

Start with the famous Queijadas da Graciosa, in the shape of a star, with a thin, golden crust filled with milk, sugar, eggs, butter, and cinnamon. They are produced locally and contain only Azorean ingredients.

Then, taste the divine Queijadas da Vila, probably the best-known sweet on the island of São Miguel, produced in Vila Franca do Campo. Once you've tasted them, you can't forget them.

Savor Queijadas D. Amélia, a sweet recreation of the royal visit of D. Carlos and D. Amélia to Terceira Island, in 1901. They became known as an offering to the kings and, even today, they are the most sold traditional sweet on this Azorean island. The recipe includes eggs, honey, corn flour, and spices that give it its unique flavor, such as cinnamon, ginger and others, formerly brought from the East by sea.


Fofas da Povoação

Residents and visitors don’t pass through Vila da Povoação without eating a Fofa da Povoação, an éclair-shaped cake made with fennel, with a very creamy filling and brightened with a strip of chocolate on top.



The malassadas are a typical sweet during the Carnival season. These fried dough circles are later sprinkled with granulated sugar.


Sweet rice

This secular dessert, common in almost all regions of Portugal, has had great notoriety in the Azores over the years, especially in celebrations in honor of the Holy Spirit, where it is served after the famous Holy Spirit Soups with the stew and Alcatra.


Do you feel like trying these delicacies? Fly with us and have a sweet experience with the flavors of the Azores!

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