Check-in times

To ensure a smooth check-in and the punctuality of your flights, please check the time you should be at the airport in advance and the closing time of your flight check-in.

If you have requested a special service, you must attend the airport at the check-in desk opening time so that all the necessary documentation is completed in time to ensure that the requested service is provided.

The indicated times are based on the estimated departure time of the flight.


Opening hours for check-in and baggage delivery
Opening hours for check-in and baggage delivery
Airport Available from
Inter-island flights (flights within the Azores) 1h30m
Domestic flights- Azores Airlines 2h00m*
Boston 3h00m
Toronto 4h00m
Frankfurt 2h30m
Cape Verde 3h00m
Subject to the airport opening hour in Ponta Delgada: 5:00 AM;
Due to airport limitations at Santa Maria airport, check-in is available 1h30m before the scheduled flight time.


Check-in closing time
Check-in closing time *
Inter-island flights (flights within the Azores) 30m
Domestic flights - Terminal 1 Lisbon 1h00m
Domestic and European Flights 45m
Intercontinental Flights 1h00m

*After the check-in closing time, no more passengers or baggage will be accepted on the flight.