SATA Azores Airlines achieves IEnvA Certification

SATA Group airlines (Azores Airlines and SATA Air Açores) has achieved certification from the IATA Environmental Assessment (IEnvA) program, becoming the first Portuguese airlines to do so.

This certification recognizes the Azorean airlines' commitment to environmental sustainability and the efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

"We are honored to receive this recognition from IATA, and we thank IATA for the support and guidance throughout the certification process. We also thank our dedicated team for their hard work and enthusiasm in making this achievement possible. We are confident that this certification will inspire us to continue our journey towards a greener and more sustainable future for our airline and our planet," says Teresa Gonçalves, SATA Holding CEO, referring to the achieved certification.

By obtaining full IEnvA certification (Stage 2), SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines have demonstrated that they are implementing effective environmental policies and procedures, both in operation and in corporate areas, monitoring progress to continuously improve their environmental performance. This certification simultaneously confers compliance with ISO 14001:2015, as well as IWT (Illegal Wildlife Trafficking) Assessment, which is a program developed to support the airline industry in raising awareness and fight against illegal wildlife trade, in accordance with the Buckingham Palace Declaration.

For island-based airlines, the awareness of the importance of preserving the natural beauty and resources of destinations is a relevant part of the management strategy. The airlines have been implementing several initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, such as investing in more fuel-efficient aircraft, optimizing our flight routes and operations, and supporting carbon offset projects, but also engaging with stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and regulators, to raise awareness and promote environmental responsibility.

The IEnvA program is a comprehensive and voluntary airline environmental management system based on international standards and best practices. It covers several environmental aspects, such as noise, emissions, waste, energy, water, and biodiversity.