SATA Group committed to IATA's 25by2025 campaign


SATA group signed up for the Internacional Air Transport Association's IATA 25By2025, which advocates for greater gender diversity in the aviation industry.

At the IATA "Wings of Change" Europe conference, held this year in Istanbul, Turkey, on November 8 and 9, no less than 25 airline CEOs took the stage to publicly sign the pledge to get more women into key positions at their organizations.

Luís Rodrigues, SATA group CEO, joined the pledge among other airline representatives and signed the 25by 2025 commitment. By signing up, SATA group companies are voluntarily committing to increasing the number of women in senior and under-represented roles by 2025.

I am happy to materialize SATA Azores Airlines' commitment to addressing gender balance. It's the chance to keep improving our gender diversity at all levels across our company and contribute with the ultimate industry aim of a 50/50 gender split with equal opportunities for the industry employees," said Luís Rodrigues, SATA Group's CEO.

"I am pleased to see SATA group joining 25by2025 and committing to providing equal opportunities for women. The collective effort of all the signatories to make 25by2025 an achievable target requires work and determination. The commitment of the SATA Group to address gender balance is yet another sign that we are heading in the right direction," said Willie Walsh, IATA's Director General.

The 25By2025 campaign is a voluntary commitment by IATA Members' airlines to advance gender diversity in the air industry. It is widely agreed among a range of sources that women represent just 5% of pilots worldwide and only 3% of CEO's. Central tenets aim to increase the number of women in senior roles and under-represented jobs by 25% against current metrics or a minimum representation of 25% by 2025. Airlines committed to the 25By2025 must report their key diversity metrics annually. It's a proactive measure that will contribute to achieving faster the industry goals.