Azores Airlines flights to the Azores on the Connectair by Air Transat platform


Azores Airlines has established another virtual interline agreement. This time, the virtual interline established with Air Transat means that Azores Airlines destinations departing from Boston, Toronto, New York, Barcelona, and Paris to the Azores are now accessible on the Air Transat booking platform. 

It is the third interline agreement completed in 2022, all of which are already active on the respective booking platforms.

By establishing a virtual interline partnership with the Canadian airline, Azores Airlines intends to enhance the visibility of its offer and provide passengers from partner airlines with a convenient way to reach the Azores.

The virtual interline agreement makes it possible to offer Air Transat passengers the option to book on Azores Airlines flights without leaving the partner airline's website.

This offer is possible thanks to the partnership that Air Transat has set with the technological Dohop, with which Azores Airlines is also associated, which guarantees an easy and direct booking experience for the best flight alternatives currently available, as well as assistance to passengers in the event of flight delays or cancellations.

Air Transat is a Canadian airline considered a leader in the leisure travel segment. Its activity is solidly implemented in North America.

Dohop is a technology company, a pioneer in virtual technology for interline development, which has developed innovative solutions that allows strengthening the connectivity between global companies.

In addition to Air Transat, Azores Airlines is also on the booking platform of EasyJet and Transavia, two airlines with a strong presence in the European market and with which it has established similar agreements.