Sweetest flights with Azores Airlines on Easter Sunday

Every day of the year is appropriate to thank those who choose to fly with the Azorean airline.

But at the most festive times of the year, such as Christmas, Carnival, Easter or even special days like Saint Valentine's Day, are occasions that the airline has taken advantage of to provide memorable and relaxing moments on board through small kindnesses, gestures that we can find in the Azorean way of welcoming visitors. 

This year the Azorean airline will mark the Easter season on board with the offer of one of the most traditional sweets:  chocolate eggs which will be served with the meal served on board and in which the typical products of the Azores have been privileged.

The airline of the SATA group started to listen to its customers after each flight. The work carried out to offer an efficient and more attentive in-flight service is appreciated by passengers travelling on the airline.  

Considering as many opinions as possible allows the airline to provide a service following what it is most valued and expected.