Indulge in the Azorean custards

Indulge in the Azorean custards

In addition to being an archipelago of unique beauty, the Azores offer a typical cuisine full of flavor and authenticity that will delight foodies.

Don't forget to finish your meals with the typical Azorean custards. Tasty and in the right size to sweeten the palate, they can also be enjoyed for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

“Queijadas da Graciosa” are star-shaped custards with a thin golden dough filled with milk, sugar, eggs, butter, and cinnamon. These custards are produced locally and are made with Azorean ingredients only.

Don’t miss the divine “Queijadas da Vila”, probably the best known sweet on the island of São Miguel, produced in Vila Franca do Campo.

Finally, be sure to savor “Queijadas D. Amélia”, a sweet recreation of the royal visit of D. Carlos and D. Amélia to Terceira island, in 1901. They were marked as an offering to the royals and, even today, they are the most traditional sweet sold on this Azorean island.

Fly with us to the Azores and enjoy these and many other typical delicacies!

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