Best European Destination for Dolphins and whales watching

Dolphins and whales watching


The Azores were distinguished as Best European Destination for Whales and Dolphin Watching and are an authentic sanctuary for the more than two dozen species of whales and dolphins that inhabit the seas of the archipelago throughout the year.

Whale watching has been one of the most wanted activities by tourists, who go on pleasant boat trips and even full-day excursions with a stop for lunch at one of the restaurants that can be found along the coast. Watching one or several giants of the sea will certainly be the highlight of the experience!

An additional activity, which has dazzled the most courageous tourists, is swimming with dolphins. These sociable and spontaneous marine animals will be free in their natural environment and will provide, safely and under the guidance of one of the specialized companies, unforgettable experiences.

Fly with us to the Azores and have unique experiences!

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