The SATA Group celebrates its 80th anniversary.

The companies are inviting customers to share funny or emotional travel stories. It's not possible to dissociate SATA from the Azores.

The airlines were founded due to the need to serve the Azorean Archipelago, launching air bridges between the nine islands and the rest of the world.

It is a history of more than seven decades of flying and building relationships between customers and the airlines.

This has been and continues to be the mission fulfilled by SATA Azores Airlines.

Because both are so deeply connected, the airline group decided to celebrate its 80th anniversary by sending an invitation to customers and employees through digital media, challenging them to write their personal stories with SATA Azores Airlines companies. By the end of August, the companies expect to have achieved many meaningful stories that will likely cross different generations.

As diverse as they may be, these stories will undoubtedly enrich the present and future of SATA's history. At the end of August, starting August 21, the passengers' and employees' stories will be shared on the digital platforms throughout the anniversary year. SATA's anniversary celebration period begins on August 21.