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Companies, business trips and the best benefits

SATA Corporate is aimed at all companies that travel frequently, through the establishment of an agreement on preferential rates and service benefits that allow business travel to be carried out more quickly and comfortably. Directly with SATA or through your Travel Agent:

  • Priority boarding 
  • Fast track 
  • 2pc / 23kg 
  • Priority baggage 
  • Lounge access 
  • Flexible rates with free changes and refunds 
  • Access to SATA miles loyalty program for Companies – SATA IMAGINE BUSINESS – learn more >>


Your company flies, your company wins

SATA IMAGINE Business is a mileage loyalty program 100% dedicated to Companies. When each employee travels, in addition to their individual miles, they also accumulate Corporate miles for the Company. Later, the points can be exchanged for trips and/or Upgrades. All rates count miles for this program.



Special partners deserve special benefits.

Make business trips with SATA.  
SATA’s Corporate service offers you benefits, always focusing on your comfort, so traveling on business can also be a pleasure.

SATA Corporate is offered to any company and you can make your reservations directly with SATA Azores Airlines or through a Travel Agency.

Enjoy your trip in comfort!  


Because we provide benefits and solutions tailored to your needs:

  • Preferential Rates;
  • Lounge access;
  • Flight change flexibility;
  • Priority baggage.  

Discover these and many other benefits that SATA Azores Airlines offers and join our program:



When traveling you are winning

When you sign up for the SATA IMAGINE Business card, your company and your employees accumulate a mileage balance, regardless of the fare purchased. These can be exchanged for premium tickets or upgrades.

Find out more >>