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Travel has no limits. That is why, to increasingly extend its destinations network and, at the same time, share the Azores with the world, SATA Azores Airlines has established commercial partnerships with several railway companies, enabling passengers to conveniently combine train and air travel on a single ticket, while also enjoying fare discounts.


Advantages of the Rail & Fly service include:

  • Offering more transportation options to passengers, especially on short or busy routes; 
  • Reducing carbon emissions by replacing flights with train travel, contributing to environmental sustainability; 
  • Freeing up airport time slots for long-haul flights, increasing airlines' operational efficiency; 
  • Improving the passenger experience by providing more comfort, convenience, and flexibility when traveling by train. 


SATA Azores Airlines Partners


CP Comboios de Portugal logo

CP – Trains of Portugal

All passengers with tickets purchased and confirmed on Azores Airlines, whose origin and/or destination is Lisbon or Porto airport, can enjoy a 20% discount on train travel on CP's Alfa Pendular and Intercidades, letting them enrich their trip with a pleasant train ride and be enchanted by other destinations on the Portuguese mainland. Also within this partnership, CP customers can enjoy a 5% discount on airline tickets with Azores Airlines.

Buy your ticket now at SATA Azores Airlines and benefit from this discount, valid for the three days before your flight, the same day, and/or the three days following the trip indicated on the electronic ticket.

You can purchase your airline ticket by calling the airline's Contact Center at +351 296 209 720, at any SATA Group sales office, or at www.azoresairlines.pt, using the form at the top of this page.

Train tickets can be purchased at the Online Ticket Office, on the CP App (pre-registering with “myCP”) and the CP Customer Care Line. You can also get your train ticket at the CP Ticket Office or in transit when the boarding takes place at a station without a ticket office.

For more information, please visit www.cp.pt.


DB Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn

Our partnership with Deutsche Bahn allows you to combine international air travel to and from Frankfurt and train trips to and from the more than 5,600 train stations where Deutsche Bahn operates in Germany into a single ticket.

Deutsche Bahn's Rail&Fly service offers several advantages, such as:

  • Booking a trip without a specific rail connection (the time on the day of travel can be freely selected from all DB trains);
  • Travel from/to each of the more than 5,600 DB train stations to/from Frankfurt airport; 
  • Valid on all DB trains and on selected TGV and Railjets network routes;
  • Valid the day before departure, on the day of departure, on the return day, and the day after.


You must check in online with Deutsche Bahn up to 72 hours before departure via the website www.rail-checkin.com. The ticket will be sent by e-mail or can also be downloaded. On board the train, you must present your train ticket, identity document, and flight ticket when requested. To avoid missing a connecting flight, we recommend arriving by train with Deutsche Bahn at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight departure time. 

For more information, click here.

Check how to get Rail&Fly service on Deutsche Bahn here: