Comfort Class

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Want to add more comfort to your trip? Our Comfort Class will make you feel like you're literally in the clouds, both on the ground and in the air!


Greater convenience for a distinctive service

Experience the comfort and convenience of our distinctive service, with more legroom; comfortable seats with moldable headrests, which will make all the difference on longer journeys; USB and power outlets so you can use your electronic devices without worrying about them running out of battery; inflight entertainment (available on our A320neo, A321neo, and A321LR aircraft); and connectivity (available on our A321LR aircraft).
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You can also enjoy our meals inspired by our prime destination, the Azores. Fresh, high-quality products make up our menus, accompanied by wines specially selected for you. We offer a culinary experience in the clouds that will take you around the nine islands of this magical archipelago without leaving your seat!


Comfort class meal
Comfort class meal
Comfort class drinks


A comfort class that will put you in the clouds, even on land

Also on land, passengers traveling in Comfort Class can enjoy the following services at selected airports:


Exclusive check-in counter
Priority check-in, fast track, priority baggage
Azores Airlines Cabine Crew


Personalized service for each passenger

As our fares meet our passengers' different needs, if you opt for Comfort Class, you will have two distinct fares available: Comfort Light, suitable for those who prioritize cabin comfort and the superior service of Comfort Class, at a lower price, with some restrictions on flexibility, and Comfort Plus, suitable for those who wish to enjoy a complete travel experience, with more cabin and hold luggage and all the benefits of Comfort Class. The choice is yours!


Comfort Light
Superior cabin service at a lighter price.




Check-in, baggage, and boarding priority

Fast Track


Comfort class
Comfort Plus
All comfort and all extras.

More carry-on

More checked


Check-in, baggage, and boarding priority

Changes without


Fast track


Comfort class


Passenger amenity kits

Passenger amenity kit
Passengers who choose Comfort Class for their medium and long-haul flights are welcomed with an amenity pouch personalized with the colors of the words inscribed on the fuselage of the Azores Airlines airplanes. The kits come in a single base color bag (gray) with the zipper and interior lining showing the bright colors associated with our Breathe, Dream, Natural, Inspire, Wonder, and Magical aircraft.

Altogether, they make up a set of six different pouches that include a range of essential items for a more comfortable and enjoyable journey in Comfort Class. The Azores Airlines courtesy kit contains:

  • a pair of socks for comfortable feet;
  • an eye mask to break up the light in the cabin and promote rest;
  • earplugs for soundproofing;
  • toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • paper tissues for personal hygiene;
  • hand cream;
  • lip balm for moisturizing the lips.

The new amenity kit's showpiece is a pouch made from recycled polyester, which is the product of a process to recover plastics collected from oceans, rivers, and beaches.


Kids’ travel kit

Children traveling in Comfort Class will enjoy an travel kit with fun activities that will make them not notice the time passing.
Inside the kit, children will find:

  • a colorful bag that can be used in different ways and for several purposes; 
  • a box with six coloring pencils,
  • three postcards to color in
  • nine assembling cubes.
Kids’ amenity kit