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“Sara Correia Dental Clinic, with a privileged location in the center of Lisbon and 10 minutes from Humberto Delgado International Airport, presents itself with a highly qualified and experienced multidisciplinary team, offering all the specialties of Dentistry.
We intend to combine the most advanced techniques of Dentistry with the comfort, quality and personalized treatment of our patients.
What can you discover in some of our treatments? In Dental Whitening, we are a clinic recommended by Philips Zoom®; in Invisible Orthodontics, under the brand Invisalign®; and in the areas of Implantology and Oral Surgery, we have a protocol with the radiological center to perform CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Tomography) for the study of the dental, head and neck areas.
Currently, its new brand is growing: Sara Correia Facial Aesthetics, an area that brings together the latest treatments used in facial rejuvenation. The entire clinic allows access and circulation for people with reduced mobility. For the convenience of our patients, the clinic has a parking agreement with Praça do Chile Park (50m away).
Come and meet us... it will be a privilege to be part of your Smile!”

Partner’s Contacts
Av. Alm. Reis 114 7ºB, 1150-023 Lisbon
Mobile: 969 666 941
Phone: 213 530 646
E-mail: info@scdentalclinic
F: @saracorreiadentalclinic
IG: saracorreiadentalclinic



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