Super Mãe

Super Mãe



-50% discount on miles on all inter-island flights for mother and children*

Campaign Conditions:

  • Bookings and ticket issuing simultaneously: 4th May to 11th May, 2018;
  • Travel: Between 15th and 30th June, 2018;
  • Limited to: seats available in economy class; flights operated by SATA, only Inter-Island destinations; and SATA IMAGINE members;
  • SATA sales points: Call Center and Sales offices (proving the kinship);
  • Upgrades to business class: not allowed;
  • Fees: not included and subject to change;
  • Changes to the ticket (in date and time): allowed through a payment of a fee that is defined in the regulation (only on the dates indicated in travel);
  • Refunds: not allowed.

*Notes: Kinship verified by citizen card.

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