Sports Equipment

Do what you like best at your dream destination. » We offer additional baggage allowance when carrying sports equipment


If you are a sports lover, note that we offer an additional baggage allowance so that you can carry your sports equipment.
You will have all the conditions to fully enjoy your trip, doing what you like most at an amazing destination.

To carry your sports equipment, all you need to do is make an advanced and confirmed booking with SATA Air Açores, on flights operated by Azores Airlines or SATA Air Açores. You must specify the type, weight and dimensions of your sports equipment when booking, which will be subject to confirmation.


Additional allowance applied for equipment:


Important notes:

  • At check-in, you may have to specify the equipment composition and, if necessary, open the volume for content validation. If you do not authorize the verification, your volume may be accepted without the additional allowance, and it will be included in your baggage allowance.
    Should the baggage allowance be exceeded, the applicable excess baggage fee will be charged at the airport.
  • The allowances for sports equipment transportation are subject to IATA/US DOT/CTA Resolution 302, as well as particular codeshare conditions. Please contact our services if you need further assistance.

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