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Rail&Fly | 20% discount on the CP Alfa Pendular and Intercidades train tickets


SATA Azores Airlines partnership with CP 


If you are traveling to Mainland Portugal, we suggest that you enrich your trip with a pleasant train ride and be enchanted by other destinations of the Portuguese continent.

SATA Azores Airlines and CP - Comboios de Portugal - have established a commercial partnership that allows all customers with tickets purchased and confirmed on the airline, whose origin and/or destination is Lisbon or Porto airport, to enjoy a 20% discount on train travel at CP.

Buy your ticket now on SATA Azores Airlines and benefit from this discount, valid for the three days prior to the flight, for the same day and / or for the three days following the trip indicated on the electronic ticket.

You can purchase your airline ticket by calling the airline's Contact Center at 707 22 72 82, at any SATA Group sales office or at www.azoresairlines.pt, using the form at the top of this page.

 Train tickets can be purchased at the Online Ticket Office, on the CP App (pre-registering with “myCP”) and the CP customer care line (707 210 220). You can also get your train ticket at the CP Ticket Office or in transit, when the boarding takes place at a station without a ticket office. 

With this partnership, CP customers can also enjoy a 5% discount on airline tickets. For more information, please visit  www.cp.pt


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