Security Rules

New security rules have been established at European Union airports to protect passengers from the new threat of liquid explosives.


Passengers may not bring liquids (beverages in general, soups, gels, lotions, perfumes, aerosols, etc.) as carry-ons in containers larger than 100 millilitres (maximum of 1 litre total). These containers must be enclosed in an easily sealable, 19 cm x 20 cm transparent plastic bag.

Transport of liquids in hand luggage



  • Liquids purchased at stores beyond the airport’s screening checkpoint, or purchased on board the aircraft;
  • Liquids for medical purposes, including a medical prescription and proof of authenticity of the exempt liquid;
  • Liquids for special dietary needs, with doctor’s certificate;
  • Baby food.

Upon request, passengers must prove authenticity by means of a medical prescription or by tasting/skin testing.


To transport liquid medicines in carry-on luggage, passengers must print out and complete an Authorization Form for Restricted Carry-On Items. This must be sent to ANAC/FALSEC with its corresponding medical documentation.

ANAC/FALSEC will evaluate the request and approve or reject the exemption. Approved exemptions will be issued an authorization letter, valid for two years, which passengers must have in their possession whenever travelling.

Prior to receiving this authorization letter, passengers must carry a doctor’s certificate (confirming the need to use the medicine), which may be requested by security agents at screening checkpoints.

For further information, please consult the New Security Rules, visit or take a look at the EU "Blacklist" of unsafe air carriers.

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