COVID-19 | New Procedures


At the airport

Passengers in the Airport

Your trip with us begins on land.
This new moment we are living through has required the devising of new measures and the strengthening of operational procedures and, as such, we have redoubled our care at all our passengers' waypoints to protect their health. Join us on this itinerary and learn a little more about what your travel experience will be like.

1. Arrival at the Airport
Don't forget your face mask! The use of a mask is mandatory for access and stay in airplanes.
Keep the recommended social distance and respect the displayed signs.
You will have hand sanitizer at your disposal at various airport venues. Disinfect your hands whenever necessary.

2. Check-in
Acrylic protections have been placed to reduce the risks of proximity.
You must present your documents and only you must handle them.
You should limit your cabin baggage to the essentials, and to volumes that can be handled only by you. When the cabin volume limit is reached, your carry-on baggage may have to be carried in the aircraft's hold.
You will have to remove your mask momentarily during the necessary identification processes when requested.

3. Security Check
In close cooperation with the airport authorities, your transit through the airport has been reassessed to reduce the risks of exposure or contagion. It is to be expected that there will be delays at some points, so you should present yourself at the airport on time.
You should comply with the instructions displayed and issued by the security officers.
Additional care has been taken in the hygiene of the boxes used to deposit your belongings, during the security check.

4. Boarding/Deboarding
The boarding and arrival gates and all other common areas will be cleaned with high regularity.
The boarding and disembarking will be done with the safety distances assured.
Attend the boarding gate in advance and follow the instructions.
Passengers traveling without cabin baggage have priority when boarding.
The use of a face mask is mandatory for access and stay on airplanes. Passengers who, due to health conditions, cannot wear a protective mask, will be allowed to board as long as they wear a protective visor, and provide a duly completed medical certificate. To obtain the form, which must be filled out by a qualified physician, passengers should contact our sales offices or our Contact Center. Passengers must carry a copy of this document throughout their entire trip.

In case of non-use of a mask or visor, your boarding will be denied.

We would like to highlight that using masks with a valve is not appropriate. These masks are unidirectional, protecting only the user, and not ensuring the protection of those around him, as recommended by the World Health Organization and the Regional Health Directorate.

According to health authorities instructions, appropriate masks are:

  • Disposable face masks;
  • Surgical masks;
  • Social masks.

Recomended Masks

Aboard the airplane

Safety onboard


To minimize the risks of exposure or contagion, the following measures were implemented:

Crews ability
Our crew is qualified to take all necessary measures in the event of a symptomatic case being detected on board.

Reinforced aircraft cleaning
We proceed daily to the thorough hygiene inside all aircraft, following the procedures of aeronautical safety.

Air quality in aircraft
All aircraft are equipped with a vertical air recycling system, limiting the mixing of air throughout the cabin and allowing the total renewal of cabin air at high frequency, every 2-3 minutes, more than twenty times per hour. This vertical airflow system ensures that the air is recycled and refreshed, in the same way, and the same amount, throughout the aircraft.   
In the lavatories and galley, the air is extracted directly from outside.  
The system uses HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, which remove more than 99.9% of the particles, viruses, and bacteria, identical to those used in operating rooms in hospitals. 



This video shows how Airbus aircraft ensure the highest air quality levels for passengers and crew.


At the destination

Prepare your trip with peace of mind.
Before you even leave home, learn what you can expect upon arrival at your destination.


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All our sales offices and contact points are cleaned daily, followed by a decontamination process. This process is carried out by a certified company.


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