Solidary Miles

SATA IMAGINE. Help improve the lives of those most in need. Your miles can have a very special purpose. Donate your Miles to São Miguel´s Cerebral Palsy Association. Valid for all SATA IMAGINE Members


“Donate your SATA IMAGINE Miles and help improve the lives of those most in need.”


Your SATA IMAGINE Miles can have a very special purpose.

Did you know that you can help the São Miguel’s Cerebral Palsy Association to fulfill its mission by donating SATA IMAGINE Miles?

If you have SATA IMAGINE Miles that you do not use or intend to use anytime soon, know that you can use those miles for a noble purpose: to help the São Miguel’s Cerebral Palsy Association to make the necessary travels to practice its social support activity.


“SATA IMAGINE - Solidary Miles” Solidarity Campaign Conditions

You can transfer blocks of 1000 miles at a time, up to a maximum donation of 20,000 miles.

To make the miles transaction you should contact our Contact Center, sales offices or send email to

Campaign valid until October 31, 2019.


This solidarity campaign is valid for all SATA IMAGINE members with enough miles to make the donation.

  • Miles donated under this campaign are not refundable.  
  • Miles donations are not valid for tax deduction purposes.


About the São Miguel Cerebral Palsy Association

Created by a group of parents, coaches and friends of children, youth and adults, with cerebral palsy, related neurological situations and others, the São Miguel’s Cerebral Palsy Association has among its main objectives to improve the quality of life of these citizens and of their families.

The APCSM accomplishes this objective by raising the community’s awareness to the inclusion of cerebral palsy patients and promoting their rehabilitation and social integration.

Another important focus of action of this association is the development of actions aimed at meeting the needs of these citizens, particularly in the context of Education, Social, Health, Housing, Work, Culture, Recreation and Sport.

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