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The limit is your imagination! SATA IMAGINE Kids

New SATA IMAGINE Kids cards arrived!

As promised, we continue celebrating “Children’s Day” with surprises for the little ones.
Thinking about all the adventures they can experience in our airline, we created the SATA IMAGINE Kids, a customized and untransferable card that will bring color to children’s biggest dreams.
SATA IMAGINE Kids cards relate to a colorful sky, where all rainbow colors blend in a lively allusion to joy, happiness, imagination, animation, and dream fulfillment. The colorful and inspiring image of this card will go together with the journeys of our younger passengers and provide even more adventures on board of our airplanes.
All our passengers aged between 2 and 11 can have their SATA IMAGINE card, where they can collect miles and win benefits on every flight with Azores Airlines or SATA Air Açores.
This card will exist in the BlueSky, SilverSky and GoldSky levels, according to each member’s number of miles, reflecting all the advantages of SATA Azores Airlines frequent flyer program.
Besides collecting miles on their flights, all SATA IMAGINE members can win miles through SATA IMAGINE partners, using them to get free tickets or other exclusive advantages, such as upgrades to SATA Plus Class in exchange for miles and priority check-in, in a waiting list situation, according to the level of the card.
SATA IMAGINE Silversky and Goldsky members have even more advantages, including higher priority on waiting list situations and check-in, as well as bonus miles accrued for a SATA flight.
In addition to these awards and advantages, other benefits can be offered, in limited periods, that will be published on the SATA Azores Airlines website.

Imagination is your only limit!

To know all the advantages of the SATA IMAGINE frequent flyer program, we suggest reading the regulation here:


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